Can Instant Coffee Be Prepared With a Coffee Maker?

Can Instant Coffee Be Prepared With a Coffee Maker?

Of course, everyone has off days once in a while. These days, a simple cup of instant coffee is all that will do to satisfy our caffeine cravings. I have nothing against instant coffee, but it's not precisely the gourmet option.

Even though you may think adding instant coffee to your coffee maker would enhance the flavor, you shouldn't. Mixing instant coffee with ground coffee in a coffee maker is not a good idea. Only use instant coffee in your coffee machine since it will clog up the filter and make brewing ground coffee difficult.

Why Coffee Makers Don't Require Instant Coffee

Unlike traditional coffee, instant coffee only requires the addition of water. Adding hot water, you can make a perfect cup of coffee from a packet of instant coffee.

Although freshly brewed coffee will always taste superior, instant coffee has the convenience factor on its side. Instant coffee is dehydrated, so it dissolves when combined with hot water.

Slowly pouring the hot water through the instant coffee may leave some of the instant coffee grains in your mesh or paper filter, as coffee machines are typically intended for brewing ground coffee.

When you pour hot water through your filter, it dissolves the instant coffee in the center and allows the rest of the water to pass through.

Instant Coffee Without A Coffee Machine Is Ideal

It should go without saying, but I'll explain nonetheless for those who still use instant coffee in our instant coffee machine. Begin by bringing a pot of water to a boil, emphasizing that it be freshly drawn water rather than previously boiled water.

It's a little-known truth that water straight from the tap is preferable to water that has already been cooked. The reason for this is that oxygen levels are higher in fresh water. Prepare individual servings of water and coffee according to your preferred strength.

You may adjust the proportions with a giant cup as you see fit. In the image below, the water glass holds 200 ml. Therefore 2g is equal to around one heaping teaspoon.

Why French Presses Shouldn't Use Instant Coffee

A cup of instant coffee could be used in a french press, but it would make little sense. A French press is best used with ground coffee. Using instant coffee in a French press would be futile since the powder would dissolve and clog the mesh filter.

If you want to brew more than one cup of instant coffee, it's more efficient to use a coffee pot and the above proportions to produce a whole pot.

Even better, you can keep it on the hot element of your coffee maker without anybody knowing. Instant coffee should only be "made" in a coffee maker when necessary.


Instant coffee is a terrific alternative when we don't feel like brewing coffee from beans. But there's no need to overcomplicate things. Instant coffee may be made by simply dissolving it in water. Putting instant coffee in a coffee maker will NOT enhance its flavor.