Mat X - Indoor Basketball Court Flooring with Shock Absorbers

Mat X - Indoor Basketball Court Flooring with Shock Absorbers

Basketball is a game of strength and valor. Not everybody is well-suited for basketball, and the same goes for accessories. Not every tile is fit to make the Basketball court’s surface. However, some tiles are better for outdoor courts, while others make the best indoor basketball courts.

Mat X is the basketball tiles that we have chosen for indoor courts after thorough and extensive testing.

These specialized tiles by ZS Floor tech will definitely be a part of your best-taken decisions. If the indoor basketball court renovation is your latest project, fold your sleeves and get started because this blog post brings you the Mat X indoor basketball court tiles in the best shape, read more to learn the details.

Indoor Basketball Courts

Indoor basketball courts are a great medium for basketball freaks. It facilitates you no matter how the weather is. Indoor court tiles are different from those used in outdoor courts. However, there a common characteristic similar to both courts, and that is the stress-absorbing capacity.

Therefore, the Mat X tiles have been declared the ultimate solution for indoor basketball courts because of their phenomenal shock-absorbing capacity.

Mat X- Indoor Basketball Court Tiles with Shock Absorbing Capacity

As said earlier, Basketball is a game of strength. The sturdy ball and heavy boots running all around can only be accommodated by a floor of the same or greater strength. If you use weak tiles with less or no shock-absorbing capacity, you can end up in a renovation after a few months regularly.

The floor is constantly exposed to shocks and pressure. We, therefore, have brought Mat X tiles.

These are technically engineered tiles developed by the dedicated and experienced R & D team at ZS Floor tech.

Mat X ties have a special structure system that gathers different technical systems to render the tile strength, resilience, and toughness. One such system is Shock Absorbers.

The twenty-five elastic cushions on the back of each tile act as a shock absorber that gracefully absorbs the constant shocks the floor is exposed to. The reduced shock is beneficial because it keeps the floor intact. You don’t need to renovate it for an extended period.

It is also important for the players because the tiles absorb the shock instead of reacting back to the incoming force. This is crucial because the reaction of the floor can pressurize the players’ joints. The players can otherwise develop joint pain is they play on an ordinary floor.

Moreover, the shock absorbers play a role in reducing noise.

Mat X Tiles - All-in-One Solution

Mat X tiles are great! They give the court a professional look and have proven to be the safest floor ties for indoor basketball courts. The best part besides shock absorbing capacity is their cost-effectiveness. They are maintenance-free. You don’t need to employ someone for the proper care and maintenance of the court’s floor made with Mat X.


Mat X tiles make a great option for revamping your indoor basketball courts. They are durable, cost-effective, maintenance-free, and stylish. But what makes them outstanding is their impeccable ability to absorb shock. Lined with elastic cushions working as shock absorbers, these ties re the best choice to revamp your court with.