What Features to Look for When Buying Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

What Features to Look for When Buying Custom Hawaiian Shirts?

Do you dream of basking under the Hawaiian sun, surrounded by the peaceful rustle of shady palm trees and the soothing sound of water crashing on the shore? Well, this summer, you can fulfill your dream vacation to the Hawaiian beach, and that too in full style with vibrant and perfect aloha attire: custom Hawaiian shirts.

Or if you unfortunately can visit Hawaii for a vacation, you still can certainly bring a slice of paradise to your wardrobe with custom hawaiian shirts. Let's explore the key features to keep in mind while buying these custom shirts!

Features to Check while Buying a Custom Hawaiian Shirt

Down below are some of the things that you should check off your list when you're in the market for buying custom Hawaiian shirt for your vacations:

1. Fabric: Embrace Comfort and Quality

The fabric is the most prominent element of any outfit, so comfort and quality should be the foremost characteristics of Hawaiian shirts. Shirts made from cotton or rayon, which are known for being lightweight and breathable, are a great option because they help heat escape.

This fabric type provides maximum comfort and is quite durable, too. It is undisputed that the shirt stretches the test of time and is distinguishable from other awesome shirts, too.

2. Design: Express Your Unique Style

The primary thing about custom Hawaiian shirts is that they offer an opportunity for you to be creative and express yourself.

Whether you love bright tropical designs, timeless floral prints, or unexpectedly quirky art forms, the options are limitless. Consider your personality, style, and the occasion of wearing this shirt, and choose the design to create a one-of-a-kind fashion statement.

3. Color Palette: Stay True to the Tropics

Give serious thought to the color selection as well. Hawaiian shirts have predominantly intense, vibrant, and striking colors, along with distinctive patterns that remind us of the beautiful nature of the islands.

So pick the colors from paradise to beach and sunset: lush greens, ocean blues, fiery oranges, and sunset pinks. These aesthetic color palettes will freshen your look and make you look fabulous.

4. Customization Options: Tailor-Made Excellence

If you are looking for something stylish and unique, you should select customization options that renowned shirtmakers like Leeline Custom propose.

You can achieve this kind of customization by selecting specific prints, adding embroidered details, or even including your very own artwork, motifs, or initials. This will ultimately provide you with a unique piece that is completely individualized, reflecting exactly your character and preferred style.

5. Fit and size: Strike the Perfect Balance

The cut of your Hawaiian shirt is crucial as it can either make or mar your entire look. Therefore, finding a good balance between comfort and style is very important.

Choose a figure-flattering but not confining silhouette which is thus not too tight or not too loose. Mind areas like the broadest part of the shoulder, chest and sleeves so that the fit of the clothing will compliment your body at the same time allowing for ease of movement.

6. Collar and Cuffs: Adding Flair to Your Look

Wearing a Hawaiian shirt and having the collar and cuffs will ensure that you remain both stylish and unique. Consider selecting a collar type and a neckline that ideally corresponds to your face shape and looks, be it either a spread or a camp collar style.

Furthermore, add shirts with distinctive cuff details, contrast topstitching, or any other sequin-like embellishments. On the go, you can also trace some rare buttons on a button-down shirt.


In general, you may have a successful custom Hawaiian shirt shopping experience if you pay attention to the points above. Consider choosing lightweight and breathable fabrics when choosing designs that you love and that flatter your particular style and provide you with freedom of movement.

Having that chic ‘aloha’ look sorted in your closet will give you the confidence to be part of the islands’ gorgeous laid-back lifestyle and exciting vibe everywhere you go.